Traditional Cornish Pasties

Traditional handmade freshly baked Cornish pasties

is what where most passionate about here at pasties by post. We’re apart of the Lavenders Deli Bakery which is just beginning to explore live online. And the one thing most of our returning customers where make comments about was how when they were at home they couldn’t get great Cornish pasties way they went back home.

So we began exploring our options and with a little more exploring we found out that people mainly wanted to bulk buy to have in their freezer and on that cold rain day a nice Cornish traditional made pastie. So we have decided to offer just that. Now you can buy lavenders cornish pasties by post delivered to your work or to your home at a simple phone call or a click of a button.

So Let us know if you have any improvements you would like to see happen, or just

send us a picture of you eating on of our pasties

. You never know you may just receive a whole box of pasties for doing it.

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